General Questions

What is the Blockchain?

The blockchain is a new kind of database. Records added to the blockchain can never be deleted. They are verified by hundreds of thousands of peers who maintain a copy of the database, thus keeping them secure. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use Blockchain to keep track of transactions. Without blockchains, digital currencies couldn’t exist, because anybody could go back and change history.

How does Titan Seal work?

Titan Seal generates a unique fingerprint for every PDF you seal. We then store the fingerprint in the blockchain. If someone were to present the same PDF later, you could verify its authenticity by looking at its fingerprint and seeing that it’s in the blockchain. If someone were to tamper with the PDF, the fingerprint would be different.

What is a fingerprint?

Every PDF has a unique fingerprint, which looks something like 0x3982a946443173d008b220… Even if you change a single bit in a document, the fingerprint will look completely different.

Business Questions

Are you funded?

Yes, we are angel-funded by two investors from Texas and one from Japan.

Verification Questions

What are the links at the bottom the Titan Sealed Document?

They show how to locate the fingerprint in the Blockchain.

How do I verify a Titan Sealed document?

A link to the instructions page should be at the end of the document.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a popular service for looking at records on the blockchain. There are other ones, but they all look at the same blockchain. Ethereum is the specific blockchain Titan Seal is using, which is why most of these services start with the word “ether.”

What if Etherscan or the Blockchain disappears?

If any of those links cease to work, which is a reasonable expectation, there will always be another Ethereum explorer. You can look up the fingerprint with the same address in any of them. If Ethereum ceases to exist, there are so many copies of the Ethereum blockchain in existence, that it’s likely you will find a copy on the Internet so long as the Internet exists. If Ethereum gets hacked, it’s history will still be valid and untainted. The integrity of Blockchain is a hundred times more reinforced than any redundant backup system ever devised. If a hack or breakdown is imminent, we will have already moved to a new blockchain, which isn’t hard to do.